Music for Organ

Elegy (1987)

A haunting melody sings out in this powerful yet contemplative piece. Irregular phrase lengths and an overall simplicity of the accompaniment lend a wistful air, while the organist is invited to explore some of the warmer sounds of the instrument.


Fanfare: Once Around, Anticlockwise (2010)

Written for the organ of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, this spectacular tour de force will amaze and delight in equal measures.

It has been recorded by Richard Lea, and is now available from Priory Records (PRCD1042).

'Mike Stubbs's fanfare...strikes a note of originality' - Choir & Organ Magazine, March/April 2011

'The album's most illuminating track...electrifying' - Organists' Review, May 2011




Fantasia (2011)

Premiered by the composer this summer, this extended work explores the vast tonal range of the instrument.

Audio extracts will shortly be posted on the composer's MySpace page, where samples of some of his other works can also be found.



Music for Piano

Piece For The Terminally Insipid (1991)

Subtlety goes out of the window in a frivilous piece designed to amuse both performer and listener alike. Originally written as coursework about (in the composer's view) a particularly soul-less form of musical analysis, it brought the house down at its first performance.

A recording of the piece played by Mike can be found on his MySpace page.

'Interestingly quirky! (B-)' - the lecturer who set the coursework.